House Keeping

House Keeping

Before/After and When you get here.


This recently beautiful renovated cottage has been around in the family for close to 15 years. Please be mindful that other family members visit and come to relax and enjoy just like you are welcomed to do at this home.


This page is constantly updated with some tips on what to bring when before you arrive! of course, if you forget, there are stores near by. These are just high level items. For questions, email owners.


There is a public boat launch near the cottage designated dock including a large public dock. It is recommended for guests wanting to rent large boats to use the public dock or the marina due to the closeness of docks in the area. The shallow nature of where the cottage dock lies, i.e. 2ft-3ft deep, is un-predictable for depth during the summer and to avoid docking issues we can accommodate just small fishing boat, kayaks, paddle boats etc for now.


There are keys to the walkout basement as well as the main door hanging in a lockbox (code will be provided day before) under the cowbell off the deck. Once inside, there are keys for Bunkie hanging on the coat rack.


Wifi access password is provided once inside the cottage


Air Conditioner

The owner can control the various AC and heaters through the cottage remotely. You can also provided you do not unplug any of the devices such as Portable AC or Window AC etc. The Nest thermostat controls the central air in the cottage which you can control as well as other AC's manually. Please note, at night, the temperature can drop so please open windows and turn off the air if you can.


The water is tested annually and is well water. The water is drinkable as there is a water treatment UV light, water softener in the basement. There is also the jugs of water available to use. Please refill any used jugs from the water depot in Lindsay under the owners name.

Google Home

You are free use the google home device to turn up lights or play music or any request you want. Say "Hey Google"


There is standard cable available in both TVs at the cottage. Smart Tv has Netflix etc built in. For the Bunkie, there is a small TV. Press input-select HDMI and you can stream from your phone to it.

Basement Access

Please be careful and aware going down to the basement off the kitchen as stairs are steep and WATCH YOUR HEAD. Lights will come on as you go up and down. The switch for pot lights are near the french doors.


All Sheets are laundered. There are additional bedding and pillows in each room.

Electrical Panel

If for any reason, you trip the breaker, the panel is located in the basement facing the walkout french doors. The Laundry light should light up the area.

Kitchen Pantry

There is free shelving space for your own food storage during your stay.You may use the spices and condiments available to you including oil etc under the cabinets


Please leave the cottage as clean as possible for the next guests. There should be ample cleaning supplies under the Kitchen/Bathroom sink. Extra Paper towels are above the microwave.


Please clean the stove and kitchen after each use inside the cottage. Please do not put foil lining in the stove oven as it ruins the siding.

First Aid Kit

There is a big first aid Kid in the main bathroom Cabinet for quick emergencies. Don't break a leg though! as Ross Memorial hospital is a 25 min drive to Lindsay.

LeftOver Food

While we appreciate you leaving us some snacks behind, please take them home as we like to keep the shelves empty for our next guests. Unless you bake something and leave us some to taste 🙂



Please feel free to water the plants if you are staying for longer periods. It would be appreciated since we spend a lot on landscaping and greenery for our guests.


Please never leave any fire unattended. Make sure to put the fire out before you retire for the nite and pick up any loose bottles or cans from around the fireplace. Be aware of the wind direction as smoke can back in to the cottage or other properties late at night. Please adhere to the fire-bans in place in the area. You can still use the small fireplace at the back of the property since its enclosed.

Outside Kitchen

The outside bbq and charcoal should be replenished if using propane(intown), and bring your own charcoal, and kept clean for future renters. There is also portable cooktop for those wanting to cook outside using the outdoor plug. The cook top is in the large drawers in the Kitchen.

Backyard Dining & Patio

The dinning table is made of teak and expands. Feel free to move seating from the front deck to the back.

Dock # 06-106

The dock is at the end of street with the above number attached. It is a 2 min walk down. It has 2 foldable picnic tables.You can chill there or take to the public dock at the corner also which is free to everyone.


Recycling is separated into plastics and paper in the area. Each week is a different pick up on Tuesdays. Please check with the owner if you are staying for the week on what to put out.


Click title link to see what needs to be put out for the week in your area (blue). Garbage pick up is Tuesday morning and alternates for paper and plastic recycling.

Important for those checking out on weekends: Please take existing garbage to the dump on Friday including any recycling you accumulated to reduce garbage load for cleaners

Garbage should be in clear plastic bags (double bag if you must). You can place them in the big black garbage container on/under the deck. Alternatively, you can drop off the excess for a 5$ fee at the Lindsay dump. Recycling is free to drop off if you are checking out on a weekday. If there is too much garbage that cannot be disposed, a fee will be charged from the deposit for a third party person to dispose of the garbage.


Please be mindful of pet hair and pet allergies of other guests that might be around after you. Please pick up after your pet and also vacuum the cottage if the animal sheds.


The Bunky is mostly setup for larger groups greater than 7 guests to cut down on cleaning time. You can still browse and chill in it during the day time if you like. For those that use the Bunkie to sleep in, please run the AC for at least an hour and half or two to cool down if it is too hot outside. As always, open the windows to allow a breeze if AC can be avoided.

Renting Boats/Kayaks

Boats, Kayaks and paddle boats can be rented from the Bobcaygeon at Buckeye Rentals, operates from the same location as Buckeye Surf in Bobcaygeon, Ontario – right on the waters of Pigeon Lake.

The Do's - Please

Safety Covid 19 Bring your masks and any additional hand sanitizers you may have for when you are out and about in town. Please Practice Social distancing as many elderly people frequent the surrounding towns and grocery stores. So please be mindful. 1. In addition to the regular coffee maker, there is a tassimo machine. Please bring your own pucks if you want to use it. 2. Bring your own coffee brand for the filtered coffee. 3. Hand sanitizer is provided as well as soap. Bring your own if you can. 4. There is laundry at the cottage so you do not need to pack too much. 5. There is first Aid Kit at the Cottage including smaller bandaid kits so make use of them when needed. 6. Bring your life jackets or water crafts such as kayaks etc. or bikes. 7. There is jacuzzi in the cottage. Please bring your own environmentally friendly salts and bath bombs. Please note, if using the jacuzzi, be mindful of getting in and out and supervise kids using it. The hot water tank is meant for a family of 4-5 so be mindful of using it when everyone is trying to shower and give some time for the water to heat if its used up. 8. Please do water the plants as a great deal of time has been spent on landscaping for our guests to enjoy. We might even send someone into the lawn mowing if you are staying for a longer period.

The Don'ts

1. No smoking in the cottage and if smoking outside, please dispose of butts in fire pit. 2. You are not required to bring cooking utensils or towels as everything is provided at the cottage. If you want to bring your linens, that is fine too. 3. Depending on the month, flying insects are a common in the evening especially to light, so please close windows and doors if moving in and out. 4. Do not speed when driving on the roads in the area as OPP are hiding in special places. Make sure when going into Lindsay to follow posted speed limits.