The Story


Learn about the History of this Cute Cottage Circa 1950

Circa 2007

Purchased in 2007, time wasn't kind to the home back in the day. It was lacking proper heat, water, electrical and even walls. however, the upgrade over the years is much better and pleasing to the eye.

Get rid of the Wood & Pine

Knotty pine was all the rage - but not when I took over.

I did paint the Kitchen Green

I didn't like it, so I redid the kitchen. Thanks iKea!

The Backyard Vision

The sad state of the backyard was transformed in a massive landscaping project last summer.Designed and executed to spec minus the massive fireplace, it all came together after 5 months in 2018.

Lighting up the backyard

Lighting up the finished product was fun. However hydro keeps the light on, but solar keeps the party going!